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I finally got to cleaning up some my my piles of Information Week magazines. I actually kept a few good ones with some very interesting atricles as well as some funny one. I enjoy reading some of John Soat's articles like the one in issue "March 12, 2007" - "Thoughts On Dealing With Identity Theft", although it sounds funny, I agree with his points

  1. Drop the Social Security number. It wasn't intended as a personal identifier; Congress made that clear in 1936 when the system began. Now, everybody knows Social Security will be bankrupt in 25 years anyway, so let's put it out of its misery.
  2. Declare a moratorium on credit cards. Since, by most accounts, American consumers are drowning in debt, we'd be doing most people a favor. Online fraudsters also target debit cards, so let's stick with cash-only transactions.
  3. Ban the use of laptops. Let's go back to the old green-screen monitors. Nobody's going to be walking out of a building with one of those babies.
  4. Legalize phishing. If someone is stupid enough to fall for it, they deserve to get fleeced.

Here is the actual article link.

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